Appledore Sayings

 We think that many of our quaint sayings originate from Ireland as we had many Irish seaman spending time in our very busy port of Appledore in the 18th and early 19th Century.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Bitter weed - someone who never has a good word to say of anyone

He's an Appledore man by trade - can turn his hand to any job

Cawch - food which is unfamiliar or not good for you

Orts - left-overs, scraps

Not much dry'th up - air too damp to dry the washing

Sieving water - salmon fishing with net, or poaching

I haven't got a bit of stroil - no body strength

Dying from the middle both ways - stomach pains with diarrhoea and sickness

Comes in dark early mornings - dark Winter mornings

If I haven't got hake, I'll have herring - making do with what's available

Dap on - to hurry along

'Tis up and down the mast like Paddy's hurricane - wind blowing from all directions, and sails kept having to be reset

If Tidn't lilly white, t'is honey sweet - it's not particularly white after a wash, but smells better
Widdy Waddy   Cannot make a decision
Finish with the same - said when an argument has been lost
Wind bound, water bound and love bound - someone who is thoroughly unhappy
Up round, down round and back round - a reply to someone who wanted to know where you'd been, but you didn't want them to know

Yer's a night of weather this morning - a rough night lasting into the next day

I was evil - bad-tempered

Have the first and last of it - buy new

There's a song and dance her's kicking up - making a fus over nothing

Fine Winter this Summer - a cool, wet Summer

All to do with the same - often said when speaking of women's problem

You ornament! - a person whose only use is decorative

'Tis low water - no money

Blake off - faint

Akum for squakum - a misunderstanding

My head is bullbaiting - a thumping headache
Like giving an elephant a strawberry - a small portion of food given to someone with a large appetite

They came with their asses hanging out and went away with Pickfords - a person who became prosperous during their stay in Appledore

Boy or a cheale? - boy or girl?

When Adam was an okum boy - a long, long time ago

All hot and hot, like the old man buried his wife - bread and cakes when first taken out of the oven

I've got stomach on the chest - said when a person doesn't want anyone else to know what they are suffering from.

When I see'd he coming, I thought I knaw'd 'e, but when I 'eard 'e I knaw I knaw'd 'e - in other words, when you opened your mouth!!

They can't hold a candle to us. -  People in high places who had acted badly in some way, being compared with Appledore people.

These are just a few of the many, many sayings that AHS has recorded.