Appledore Obituaries

RALPH ALEXANDER WHITAKER       (Alec) as he was known to everybody started work on leaving School with the Post Office - where apart from war service he worked until his retirement.  He was known as the singing postman and greeted the people on his round, when it was there Birthday by singing "Happy Birthday" to them. He was reported to the Postmaster at Bideford by a very disgruntled house owner that his singing was waking him up, so Alex was told he must stop all his singing and whistling which he though was very unfair. Two ladies who actually enjoyed his cheerfulness and his obvious love of his job wrote to the Post Master stating him how much that they and others were missing Alex's early morning serenade, so once again He was allowed to carry on Singing. Alec was for many years a member of St.Mary's Choir and was delighted when two of his grandchildren Devise and Brian joined him. Because of the families connection to Appledore Church a Cross and Candlesticks were given for the side chapel in his memory.  At the outbreak of the first World War Alec enlisted and served with the 6th Devons going first to Mesapotania. Among other tales told of him during that period was his monkey, who was said to do everything but talk. It seems he also tried to bring him back home - a quest that seriously failed...........

April 2015    We have just lost another son of Appledore - Philip Scobling who grew up in west Appledore. He was a very talented and skilled wood worker. He made various items for St mary's Church here at Appledore including a wooden cover for the fount - in memory of Carol and Joanne Harding - two young girls who had died here - daughters of Harty and Joyce Harding who were very close friends of Phil.

At the death of Capt. William Henry Jewell which has occurred at the age of 77 a resident of 16 Vernons Lane Appledore. an old custom was revived of painting a dark blue mourning strip around the ship owned by the family. In this case it was the Three Masted Schooner the Kathleen & Mary. and it was Capt. Thomas Jewell, the eldest son who carried out the task. Captain William Jewell had also sailed on the Schooner rig the "Aurora " he had also sailed in the smack "Unity " commanded by the late Capt. Screech which belonged to the Hinks Family and later sailed in the ketch "H.F. Bolt " commanded by his uncle Capt. Benjamin Jewell
He later joined the Shaw Saville Line sailing in many of her ships one of these was the "Wave Queen " which was commanded by the late Capt. W.H. Kelly - fetching wool from Australia, and then in the Flutterworth under Capt. Alfred Kelly who rose to become Commodore of the Shaw Saville and Co. Line