Earliest Recorded knowledge of Appledore to Present day timeline showing major milestones.

875  -     Hubba the Dane Landing
1588  -   Spanish Armada -  Appledores'  participation.  Appledore men are said to have manned 5 ships to help fight the Spanish.  Because of their brave fighting and stoic efforts, Queen Elizabeth 1st made Appledore a Free Port.
1642  -  The English Civil war  -   Many men from Appledore were killed, it is said that a very bloody battle took place in the area around Green Lane and Staddon Road.  It has even been suggested that so many were killed that they were buried where they were slain. Appledorians were staunch Royalists and Northam and Bideford were Roundheads, which didn't make life very comfortable here, there was a Fort at the top of the hill (opposite Riversview Estate) and the men on duty there kept a record of all the ships that went in and out to Barnstaple. 
1914 - 1918    The Great War    For the size of Appledore at this time quite a high percentage of men were lost, We hope to create a suitable memory for them next year on the 100th year Anniversay of this dreadful war, which was supposed to be the war that ended all wars !!!!
1973  -  Golden Hinde Replica Launch, Hinks & Sons Boat Yard