Appledore Family History

The Slade Family, Many generations of this family have lived in Appledore, they were mainly Ship Owners, Ships Masters or Sailors who had circumnavigated the World many times.  It is believed they originated from North Molton, (They could possibly have been Drovers bringing Cattle to Appledore to load on the many ships that sailed from here.)

We also believe that a few of our older families originated from the Huguenots who settled here after they had been evicted from France, in the 16th Century. The Families whose descendants are still living in Appledore are The Bowden Family (French pronounciation Bo' den )   The Lamey Family ( Li'may)   The Lobbett Family  (La' bett)  We are still looking into other families that may well have originated from this period.  It is understood that the ship that brought them had a very stormy passage in the channel and many were quite ill with sea-sickness the ship then anchored at Appledore in order to off load on to smaller boats to take them to Barnstaple where a large settlement had been prepared for them. It is thought that at least six families refused to move from tera firma after the rough journey they had endured and decided to stay where they were - Appledore people took them into their homes and showed them great kindness. Much later it was discovered that these visitors proved to be a great asset to the community at Appledore as they were very skilled and talented people