2 Memoirs

As a young child of nine years old we moved into Appledore Vicarage, August 1953.  To myself and my brother and sister it seemed a wonderful place to live with the Quay and the beach and many other areas where we could build our "camps". We very soon made friends with the local children especially those who lived close to Meeting Street. We also attended the local Church School, so also made friends there as well. One in particular I remember well was a lad the same age as me, his nickname was Spriggs and after having his School meal would go home to his mother and have a large plate full of chips!!!
At the time there was very little traffic on the roads, so we were able to play in the streets such games as Cricket Football and Rounders without the fear of being run down by a lorry or car. Saturdays would be very important to us as it was " pocket money" day, there were plenty of little "front room" sweet shops nearby that we could shop in, Usually we bought four chews for an old penny and  a sherbert dab.    Another way of getting money was to take pop bottles back to the shops and get 3d back.   Also it was a delight to go on the Quay and listen to the old sailors recount their memories of sailing around the world, in some cases many times. Plus the hard life they endured when they had joined a ship as a young boy...We never locked our front door, even at night, but on an odd occasion someone would say to Dad there is a foreign ship in tonight Vicar, better lock your door.  There were many Salmon Fishing boats all who held a license and the salmon fishing season then was from 1st April to August 30th. There were always plenty of Salmon in the river for all to catch, Appledore men knew how to work the river and not to over fish it, we very often went to watch the men on the Sandridge putting our their net to catch Salmon, but once they started to pull the net in we knew we had to be very quiet, noise would disturb the fish and they could jump out of the net, which of course would have meant a telling off for us. There.were quite a few shops in Appledore that our mothers'..would buy their weekly groceries from, my mother would buy half from Land Stores and half from J.E. Boyles shop both families were church goers so she had to be a bit tactfull and buy from both. ..